Sombra Sol Liquid Shading Agent


SombraSol is a liquid shading product used to apply a temporary but even shading coat to plastic greenhouses. SombraSol will protect your crop from too much solar radiation, and is highly wear-resistant.

SombraSol is easy to apply using a simple, commonly-used spraying device. As it is liquid, it does not form lumps, producing a more even coating than other powder-based shading products.

SombraSol will naturally wear over the course of a season. It can be removed by brushing in combination with citric acid. SombraSol is not harmful to humans, crops or the environment.

Advantages of SombraSol

  • Simple to use
  • Sprays easily
  • Clear white shading coat means optimum heat reflection
  • Safe for humans, crops and the environment
  • Wear-resistant; lasts up to 4 moths (depending on weather conditions)
  • Economical; usually only needs one coat per season
  • Increased light transmission when wet

Using SombraSol

SombraSol should be stirred into clean water. We would recommend applying SombraSol during fast-drying weather conditions. For the best results, apply SombraSol to a clean, dry greenhouse surface. Approximately 2,000 litres of spraying liquid (SombraSol + water) is needed for 1 hectare (10,000m2).

*Not including shading of plastic film (and any contamination/dirt) and construction.

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