Smart Tech Automatic Watering Valve

  • Brand new innovation which greatly extends automatic watering time
  • No batteries or timers required
  • Valve sensor indicates when water level is low, and automatically refills from a nearby reservoir
  • Valve can be linked to small or large reservoirs
  • Ideal for holiday watering, and for optimal watering throughout the year
  • Smart Valve

    Allowing any user to set up a maintenance free system with a tray, pots and a water supply, the Smart Valve, activated by a non-powered moisture and humidity sensor, is a new patented regulator to control the flow of water to plants.

    The Smart Valve's adjustable depth regulator gives growers great flexibility to vary water reservoir volumes to best suit both season and plant species.

    All You Need To Know

    • The Smart Valve is ready to use out of the box.
    • Use with any size tray to set up a multiple pot self-watering system.
    • Ideal for mixed trays of plants with different watering needs.
    • Removes the risk of over or under-watering of plants.
    • Eliminates root-rot by ensuring that roots do not sit permanently in water.
    • Easily provides water for tray sizes 4m² and larger by water head adjustment up to 1m.
    • Works indoors, outdoors and under lights in grow tents and greenhouses.
    • Provides a natural 'wet and dry' cycle for your plants.
    • Depth adjustable to fill between 7mm and 20mm at the turn of a dial.
    • Use any peat, organic based compost or hydroponic media with good capillary lift.
    • Can be used with mains water supplies even in hard water areas.
    • Fully compatible with water soluble liquid nutrients, fungicides and pesticides.
    • Connects to both 4mm and 6mm (internal diameter) tubing.
    • Ideal as a replacement valve for any passive system.

     The Smart Valve is ready to use out of the box.

    Simulation of smart valve

    • Place Smart Valve in your chosen tray, set dial to position 2.
    • Attach pipe from water supply to the Smart Valve and open the water supply
    • The tray will fill up to the Water-depth Sensor Window after which the Smart Valve will shut off the flow of water.
    • Your plants will then take up the water reserve in the tray.
    • When all the water in the tray has been used the Smart Valve will open again and the process will be repeated.


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