Easy Rool Light Hanger

Easy Roll Light Hanger

  • Retractable Light Hanger
  • Easy to control vertical hight of reflextor
  • Get extra yield from perfect light to plant level
  • each hanger holds up to 5kg(total 10kg per pair)
  • hanging hook included


a. Locate the hanging supports on your reflector and tie each Powerplant Easy Roll Light hanger to the support, using a knot that will not slip,(if your

    reflector does not have any hanging supports, install them  using the eyelet bolts provided with your Powerplant hangers). 

b. Locate a solid support joist in the ceiling and screw the supplied J hooks in to the joist.

c. You are now ready to hang your reflector using the Powerplant Easy Roll Light Hanger.

d. Once the reflector is hung, use the wing nut to adjust hanger tension,allowing the relector to move up and down easily.

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