ENVIRO GROW CFL 130W High output design leads to stringer plant growth Energy saving horticultural lamp for superior plant growth E40screw fitting minimal heat generation

 •Excellent colour rendering

•10000 Hours life

•CFL lamp with integral ballast

•Simply plug in and grow. Instant start with flicker free and even light distribution.

1,650 บาท

  • 68914604_1312845918880771_1695416014855995392_n.jpg
    ULTIMATE PAR GROW LIGHT อัลติเมท พาร์ โกรไลท์ เป็น นวัตกรรมล่าสุดของ วงการสายเขียว Chip LUXION SUN PULSการสังเคราะห์แสง PAR สูงสุดเมื่อเทียบกับ LED ทั่วไป อายุใช้งาน มากกว่า 50,00...
    12,000 บาท

  • cfl 250w.jpg
    ENVIRO GROW CFL 250w dual 2700-6400k
    3,250 บาท

  • canfilter2600.JPG
    Carbon Air Filter CAN Filters 156 2600 m³/h (100 mm)
    3,250 บาท

  • powerplant%20600w%20digbalweb.jpg
    Description The PowerPlant Digital Ballast is one of the Best on the market today! Combining the reliability of the Powerplant brand and the latest digital ballast technology has r...
    10,000 บาท

  • NUI_8872_1.jpg
    DescriptionWe CANT PUT THIS LAMP IN ONE CATEGORY!!!!Why? Because its a DUAL HPS & MH Lamp IN ONE!!!You may not have seen anything like this before but let me tell you, these t...
    3,350 บาท

  • retro600w.jpg

  • ebase ft140.jpg
    E BASE FT140 ECM BLOWER 3 speed 65W 375m³/hr220V 1amp
    4,500 บาท

  • can-fan-lg.jpg
    DESCRIPTION Compact, quiet and extremely efficient!The Original Can-Fan provides the power and flexibility needed for residential and commercial applications.Rated for continuous o...
    8,650 บาท

  • defender-wings_med5.png
    The “Adjustable Light Spread” allows growers to create ideal lighting conditions across all stages of plant growth for increased vitality, health and yield. Made of 95% reflective...
    4,350 บาท

  • hps600w ge.jpg
    General Electric 600 Watt LU600/XOPSL/T/E40 High Pressure Sodium Plant Light Bulb The GE Lucalox LU600/PSL/T/40 600W High Pressure Sodium grow lamp from General Electric has superb...
    3,250 บาท

  • powerplant hps ballast9.jpg
    5,500 บาท

  • easy roller.jpg
    Easy Roll Light Hanger Retractable Light Hanger Easy to control vertical hight of reflextor Get extra yield from perfect light to plant level each hanger holds up to 5kg(total 10k...
    250 บาท

  • growlush.jpg
    GROWLUSH THERMAL CONTROLLER HYDROPONICS FOR GROW ROOM AND GROW TENT Description In summer, set the Select Switch on “COOL/FAN” and adjust room temperature controller to a required ...
    2,500 บาท
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