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Accent Farm is the first hydroponic salad farm in Thailand, established in the year 2540 B.E. (1997 CE). 

Spanning across a farm area of 2,400 square meters, with a cultivation area of 1,200 square meters, our farm specializes in growing various types of lettuce, comprising six different cultivars, as well as herbs. 

We have a monthly production capacity of 3,000 kilograms,with 16 harvest cycles per year.



  • Accent Thailand's Vision

    To lead the hydroponic industry in Thailand
    by providing innovative, sustainable, and
    accessible solutions for efficient plant
    cultivation, empowering individuals and
    communities to grow fresh produce year-
  • Accent Thailand's Mission

    Accent Hydroponics Thailand's mission is to empower individuals and communities
    through accessible hydroponic systems, driving innovation and education while
    fostering collaboration for sustainable, high-quality cultivation.
  • Accent Hydroponics Thailand Core Value

    At Accent Hydroponics Thailand, we value innovation, sustainability, empowerment,
    integrity, collaboration, and customer satisfaction. We're dedicated to advancing
    the hydroponic industry sustainably, empowering individuals and communities,
    and delivering high-quality products and service through trust and collaboration.


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Hydroponics is commonly described as growing plants without soil; however, this is not strictly true.

A better definition would be that hydroponics is providing all of the plant's nutrient requirements in soluble form as you water.

Therefore, put in its simplest form, this means you could grow a plant in soil of poor quality, by feeding when you water.

Hydroponics is also often considered to be a watch word for indoor gardening as it is seen to cover watch word for indoor gardeni everything.

Some believe hydroponics to be very complicated, but this need not be the case, it is only as difficult or complicated as you make it.

There is no doubt it is a more efficient method of growing, but a problem will be seen more quickly and may be much worse.


All plants have the same basic needs of light, carbon dioxide (CO₂), oxygen, water, heat and food in the form of nutrients. These nutrients only make up approximately 2% of the mass of the plant, which it cannot synthesise for itself from carbon dioxide and water. Photosynthesis is the process by which plants turn CO₂ and water into organic compounds, primarily sugars:

If plants are not given enough of all of these essential elements, then it can have a detrimental effect on their growing. Different plants require these elements in differing ratios, but they are all needed whether the plant is in the soil or grown hydroponically.

When you grow hydroponically, you can control and enhance all of a plant’s basic needs and you even have the ability to ensure adequate oxygen is available to the roots.

Hydroponics Offers Universal Application 

Hydroponics technology finds diverse applications, from nourishing astronauts on space missions to cultivating lettuce in submarines.

The scalability and adaptable design of hydroponic systems enable cultivation in various settings, from indoor spaces like conservatories, greenhouses, or kitchens during winter to outdoor environments in summer.

Lightweight and self-contained, these systems facilitate versatile growing options.


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